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Here are some of the jobs completed. Click on the image link for a larger picture.

Here is the completed view of the materials installed.
Another completed view of roofing. Notice the perfectly horizontal lines, a true sign of craftsmanship and quality. You don't get any better than this!.
Complete roofing project!
Another clean detail view of an H.V.A.C. unit and support frame.

Here is a low slope roof application in white granulated torch applied roofing over a patio. Typically, a header is applied to the outer perimeter for wind uplift. All specifications by manufacturer apply to any roofing system.
Here we have an old hot tar and gravel roof that had a severe amount of dry rot. The structure was repaired and modified to have a 30 year architectural shingle roof with a premium felt underlayment.
This home had some improperly installed skylights. They tend to be a ticking time bomb for water damage.
After all was disassembled and re-roofed, we water tested for an hour to insure there would be no more leaks.


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